Saturday, February 13, 2010

REVIEW: Aromaleigh Cosmetics

Hey guys! Here is my long-awaited Aromaleigh review. I wanted to wear the products for a while to be able to give the best review possible. So here goes!

Customer Service: I didn't have any direct contact with their customer service but my order was processed and shipped very quickly, with no problems. Their website was easy to navigate, and I was happy to find that you can buy samples of their products for only a dollar or two, so you can decide if you like the product before you buy a full-sized jar.

Face: I had been unhappy with my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder and I wanted something that wasn't going to sit on my face and feel cakey. I heard good things about Aromaleigh's products so I decided to give them a try. I bought their "silk powder" for a primer, their "Glissade" foundation powder in 1CL, and then their ultra-resolution finishing powder in "Clear". I was really hoping that this would be the miracle product that a lot of people said it was. Unfortunately I was disappointed. This made my skin so incredibly dry and powdery. I have combination skin with a pretty oily T-zone and these products actually made my T-zone dry and flaky. My mother placed an order with them at the same time I did, and she just tried the foundation without the primer or finishing powder and she experienced the same thing. I even tried applying it wet and it just didn't work. If you have oily skin, this might be a great product for you but I don't think I could recommend it for dry or even normal skin. The great thing about Aromaleigh, however, is that you can purchase samples for 1-2 dollars, and they ship samples for free. So you can always try them out for yourself with only a small investment.

Cheeks: I purchased a small jar of the perle blush in "Tickle". It looks like a really light lavender on the website and I was hoping it was going to be slightly more opaque than it actually was. There is really no color deposit but it does apply a nice shimmer, so I'm probably going to end up using this over a different blush to give me some shine in the highlight areas.

Eyes: The glowing reviews of Aromaleigh's eyeshadows did not lie! I didn't actually purchase any of the shadows but you get three free samples of your choosing when you purchase from the website. I selected "Starfish", "Verdigris", and "Purple Princess". Starfish and Verdigris are from the Carolina Summer matte line, and they are honestly some of the most beautiful matte eyeshadows I have ever seen! I would definitely recommend these eyeshadows and I know that I will be placing another order for more colors soon.

Lips: First, I got an extra sample of "'down under healing" lipbalm with my order. I really love it, and I actually put it on at night before I go to bed to help condition my lips. It smells really great too! The last thing I bought was the "Melancholia" color creme lipstick/balm from their gothic lolita collection. I am in love with this product. It is a buildable red color that can be applied as a really light stain to a nice rich berry color, and it is very hydrating and doesn't dry my lips out.

So to sum everything up, I really like the company and their prices are great. I probably will not buy any of their face products again but I will definitely be placing another order for some eye and lip colors. As always, this is my personal opinion based on my experience with the product, and I definitely encourage all of you to maybe get a few samples and decide for yourself.

Hope you all have a great day!

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